Unblinking Eyes: Two artists look at war and life


Bill Brandt, a German-born photographer who grew up in England, and Henry Moore, the British artist, joined forces during the height of WW II to record history. A new exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art begins with their wartime images, setting their production within the visual culture of the war, and examines the parallel and intersecting paths of the artists in the years after the war. Key subjects include war, industry, and coal mining; urban spaces, living conditions, and family life; landscapes and the great megalithic sites in Britain; found objects, fragments of nature, and the human body. This multi-media exhibition will be the focus of a museum visit and curator-led tour.

Instructor: Richard Friswell

Coordinator for day’s tour: Kristin Dwyer, Director of Communications and Marketing

Coordinator for Collection Information Access: Emmanuella Delmas-Glass

Saturday, Dec. 3, 2–4:30 (Yale Center for British Art, New Haven)