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Salmagundi: A miscellany of the trivial & fascinating

Drawing on well-received lectures offered in various community settings, this course will focus on a range of topics often overlooked or misunderstood. This program will shed light on elements of our collective history that will help us recognize our shared humanity, form a historical world view, and grasp the spirit of modern civilization itself.   

Part travel log, part cultural history, the course will explore these topics:  

  • Who were the Vikings? A journey of discovery to the land of fire & ice 
  • Tokaido: The modern road to Japan’s feudal past 
  • Hudson River Idylls: Landscape painting & the shaping of American identity 
  • Dark & Stormy Nights: A cultural history of death & dying
  • The Short History of Color: A rainbow primer sponsored by Roy G Biv

Richard Friswell

Five Thursdays, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 6:30–8:30