How to Study Birds

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How to Study Birds:  CT’s forests, farm fields, & freshwater wetlands

In spring, two hundred species of birds fly to North America’s temperate breeding grounds from their tropical wintering areas. They include flycatchers, vireos, thrushes, orioles, wood-warblers, tanagers, and grosbeaks. How do these birds migrate such distances, and where do they select their preferred habitats for breeding? We will consider these and other questions through classroom sessions and two field trips to local birding sites. This course will appeal to birders of all levels of experience and to those interested in bird ecology and conservation.

Steve Broker

Three Wednesdays, April 24, May 1, 15, 4:006:00, and two Saturday field trips (Sunday in case of bad weather), May 4 (5) to West Rock Ridge State Park, New Haven, and May 18 (19) to Frederick White Farm, Durham, together with the Durham Meadows and Peckham Park, Middlefield, times TBA